Canadian Interagency

Security Advisory Forum

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We Care About The People Who Work For Us

We are a group of Canadian INGOs who came together in the fall of 2013 to strengthen the way that we care for our overseas staff and volunteers in the areas of safety and security.

Our Members

We warmly welcome other INGOs to join us. Click here to find out how you can become a member.

Our members include humanitarian, development and volunteering organizations, encompassing a wide richness of experiences. We were created by INGOs for INGOs. On occasion we open up our events to the wider INGO community but we do not cater to consultants or to private companies.


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Strategic and operational security support to NGOs in the spirit of interagency sharing and collaboration.


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We strive to have the diversity of our group reflected within this committee, and it changes on a yearly basis.

We have staff in some of the world’s most volatile situations, engaging in life-saving and life-enhancing work for those in need. As a group, we actively promote efforts to continue programming in challenging situations, and we remain open to innovating ideas that enhance the security and safety of our teams.